Company Profile

Longen Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. is an integrated supplier of painting equipment, industrial automation equipment and logistics transportation equipment, which integrates planning, design, manufacturing, installation, training and after-sales. At present, the company has production factories in Wenling, Jiangxi Yichun and Dadukou, Chongqing, and has business and after-sales contact points in many regions of the country. The company has rich experience in modern production and management, and a group of engineers and technicians specializing in research and development of high-tech products. "Science and technology innovation, quality excellence, integrity first" is our company's business purpose.

Since its inception, the company has continuously introduced advanced technology and experience at home and abroad, sustained innovation, and combined with the actual needs of customers, developed high-quality products. The main products include: painting (powder) complete line, electrophoresis (plating) complete line, logistics conveying equipment, product assembly, packaging line, baking equipment, automatic spraying equipment, UV curing machine and other equipment. Products are widely used in hardware electromechanical, digital electronics, communication equipment, household appliances, automobiles, plastics, electroplating, food and other industries. At present, equipment installed in South Korea, Indonesia, Vietnam, Egypt and other countries and regions, has been recognized by the industry.

The company's equipment has short production cycle and excellent performance. All products are strictly controlled according to quality standards, which ensures the smooth and safe operation of the equipment. The company's products are repaired free of charge within one year, with a lifetime warranty, which really relieves customers of worries. "Detailed Achievement Vehicle" company will continue to strive for excellence, practical and diligent work attitude and breakthrough innovative design and manufacturing capabilities, to bring efficient and high-quality products and services to our customers, to your enterprise's development, growth and take off.

Team Spirit

Attitude decides status, train of thought decides way out

Excellent talents create high-quality products and perfect services, so Longen regards talents as the source of competitiveness of enterprises, and attaches importance to training talents is the core of Longan's human resources management. We are a young, confident team, a team with dreams and continuous progress. According to the development strategy, the company organizes team learning.

Corporate Honor

The road is tortuous and arduous. Confidence is enduring and fearless. With seriousness and honesty, it has won countless praises. All the honours of longen are also the bright spots of longen stay on the journey of struggle. They are both the driving force and the pressure. They will not fail to meet expectations, and forge ahead with courage to create a new world.

Business Culture

In many companies, culture may simply be a loud slogan hanging on the wall. In Longen, culture has already been a spirit flowing through every inch of the enterprise body and a belief from the heart of every employee. The ever-growing culture is becoming an important guarantee for the execution of Longen Team and an inexhaustible driving force for the company's continuous growth.
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