LE-DP Series Belt Line
LE-DP series belt lines are composed of flexible conveyor belts (PVC, PV rubber, Teflon, etc.) as conveying media, guide rails on both sides, transmission rollers at both ends, brackets at the bottom of conveyor belts as load-bearing mechanism, and transmission is composed of motor, reducer and electronic control. Belt line can be divided into heavy belt conveyor such as mine belt conveyor, light belt conveyor such as used in electronic plastics, food light industry, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. This series of belt lines have strong conveying capacity, long conveying distance, flexible conveying mode (parallel, climbing, turning), wide conveying medium (solid, fluid, powder, etc.), mature technology, simple maintenance, and can easily implement programmed control and automated operation and widely used.

DP-01 Long Strip Workbench

DP-02 Antistatic Workbench

DP-03 Simple Belt Line

DP-04 synchronous belt conveyor

DP-05 Mobile Belt Conveyor

DP-06 Product Confluence Line

DP-07 180 Degree Turn

DP-08 90 Degree Turn

DP-09 stand-alone table

DP-10 Desktop

DP-11 Mine Conveyor Line
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